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The Pandavas, Karna and A

Hi everyone, it has been a long time. Firstly an update about yours truly, I have now been working in Tirunelveli for almost a year and will be moving to Chennai by the end of this month. Really looking forward to that. I have finally done something useful for my folks, I bought a Ford Figo for them as their 25th Anniversary gift. Love you Mom & Dad.

Now getting back to this blog, which is inspired by the so called gang V5 (who would call themselves this? Seriously!) and their theatricals. This so called V5 went for Kannada tuition's (would say that our school lacked good teachers) and the incident I'm going to narrate in the next few paragraphs is from one of the tuition classes.

V5 went to this kannada tuitions which was run by an over entusiatic old lady. She was so impressed by the 5 of us that she called us Pancha Pandavas (god!!! the amount of jealousy and hatred among us would have made us mortal enemies, this made me conclude that the lady was crazy). After a few days one more classmate of ours joined the tuitions but we were so against it that we asked her to change timings for him. He ensured that he was taught by her daughter and not her as she couldn't accomodate the timings (seriously!!! we were ruthless people). Since, he defected she came up with a name for him and started calling him Karna. Now that the family connections are established, lets continue with the incident.

To get the characters right, yours truly was Arjuna (yup! always the hero and immodest ). Now we'll get to the rest.
Yudhisthira's identity will not be divulged as he is the lead protoganist.
Gundi was Bheema, very apt when you consider the physical structures.
Nakula and Sahadeva were two inseperables imbeciles, fondly remebered by alphabets G and M.
Karna was the tallest guy in school.
A was the not so girl next door (she wasn't stunning to make our heads turn).

Everyday the pandavas used to go together to the tuitions. one fine day the timing was miscommunicated and Yudhisthira found himself alone in the class, that is when A entered. This was the first time Yudhisthira was seeing her alone for the first time and his focus was completelty on her. Wow! these were his exact words. He was totally bewitched by her. Standing at 5' 2" she was close to the length of an average indian female. Size zero was not known then and it was the time when indians were enchanted by the thunder thighs (some prime examples are Rambha, Shakeela, Khushbu etc) and heavy bust (Sorry! to the girls who are offended, guys I know what you are thinking about) but A was a size zero in those days. Yudhisthira just couldn't take his eyes off A and spent two unforgettable hours in her company. This was certainly looking like a start of something.

Enter Arjuna and Bheema (Bheema was using his dad's chariot, a red Kinetic Honda and Arjuna hitched a ride) they were surprised to see that Yudhisthira who hardly spoke to girls was in deep conversation with A. Both of them just sat down at the table and were all ears to the conversation Yudhisthira was making. Right from, you are looking nice to academic discussions. She was talking about her problems with Math and our pal here was the hero to the rescue suggesting combined studies to help her. In the meanwhile the rest of the gang joined us (including Karna as we had to just copy the notes) and we were just waiting for the right moment to pounce on Yudhisthira.

The time came when A bid goodbye (to Yudhisthira only, we were non existing entities to A) once this happened, the interrogation started. Yudhithira said everything I have mentioned above excluding the lovey-dovey parts. This is when the idea struck us and being over-enthusisatic encouraged Yudhisthira to express his love for her (how easy would it be if you can just say 'Feel My Love'). Unfortunately, life is not that simple and Yudhisthira being the wise guy that he is refused it and said that it was too immature to behave this way. But we didn't think so and Nakula along with me on his chariot (a white 1st generation scooty) pursued A, we caught her halfway and ensued the following conversation (Arjuna was just the spectator)

Nakula- Hi A.Going back home is it?
A- Hi Nakula, yeah just getting back home. How about you?
Nakula- Yeah I will be going back home in a while. A can I have your phone number?
A- Why do you want my number Nakula?
Nakula- Actually, one of my friends wants it so I asked.
A- (probably the only girl in my life who didn't fuss about when giving the number) Okie. My number is 2536---- (duly noted by Arjuna on his palm).
Nakula- Thanks A. See you around.

Now that the tough part was done (obviously getting the number is tough, convincing the guy to make the call was easy). But when we got back Yudhisthira was shocked that we got the number. An hour of discussion unfolded with the rest of the family trying to convince Yudhisthira to place the call. He even refused to note down the number (though we were sure his memory was good enough to remember it). So, the scene ended with Yudhisthira refusing to take our suggestion and leaving the place.

What's the big deal you may ask, but here is the twist. Being the overzealous family members (might as well say that when we were dubbed as the Pandavas) we decided to place the call on behalf of Yudhisthira (Nakula was the brain behind the idea). Now that we had decided to make the call, we quickly went to an STD booth (devious isn't it?), Bheema and Sahadeva backed out of the implementation plans and it was left to Nakula, Arjuna and Karna (Arjuna and Karna working together, quite a dream isn't it?). All the three of us stuffed into the booth and Nakula placed the call. The following conversation ensued over the phone.

Tring Tring, Tring Tring, Tring Tring.....

Unknown- Hello
Nakula- Hello! Can I speak to A? (A hanky was used to cover the mouth of the receiver, Influence of movies I say)
Unknown- Who is this?
Nakula- This is Yudhisthira, A's friend from the tuition.
Unknown- Hold the line please. (in the background, "A, A, your friend is on the line")
A- Hello!
Nakula- Hi A, this is Yudhisthira.
A- Hi Yudhi (we really hoped that the conversation would be like this for our brother's sake, unfortunately no) how come you called?
Nakula- Hi A, I just wanted to tell you something. Eh, eh, eh....
A- Tell me Yudhisthira.
Nakula- A I think I like you (Seriously! Who says such things as "I think---". Major turn of guys, believe me, this is like a death knell for your love).
A- Oh! (obvious shock and disbelief) But Yudhisthira, I am seeing someone already (All three ROFL with the phone on manual mute)
Nakula- Oh okie. Thank you A. Bye.
Line goes dead at the other end.

The three of us come out dejected, pretty sure the feeling was not too bad. We all decided that we will not tell Yudhisthira about this as it could spoil his studies (Devdas and other movies have had bad influence on us, we assumed the worst, seriously didn't realise we were this ridiculous). We parted our way and headed home. Once I reached home I was informed that I got a call from Yudhisthira. I called him back immediately.

Arjuna- Hi Yudhi, you called?
Yudhi- Macha! what happened did you actually call?
Arjuna- (remembering the vow) No we didn't make any call.
Yudhi- Don't lie macha, Nakula volarified (slang for blabbered) already. Sigh! (tears in his eyes)
Arjuna- Machi, don't cry da. You will find someone more worthy of you (this is the single most BS dialogue all girls tell guys and all friends tell their friends to make them feel better).
Yudhi- Yeah, I know. I told you guys not to call. I would have called her myself.
Arjuna- (This is where guilt hit me and make my stomach squirm) Oh! You should have told us. Anyway it was good that you didn't hear this from A (another BS when you mess things us badly, I would have shot the guys if I was in Yudhi's place).
Yudhi- Anyway lets catch up later. Bye.
Arjuna- Sorry Macha! Don't cry.
Yudhi- You don't understand the pain the heart goes through when it is broken.
Arjuna- (Really! Dude don't be so lame) Yeah I know. Sorry anyway.

He he. I can't stop laughing reliving this incident. I know some people might think we were ridiculous, but what do you expect when you are 13? Anyway it wasn't as serious as I made it look. Yudhi wasn't heart broken at all. He was affected nonetheless but not to the extent of my interpretation. Hope you had fun laughing, I did writing this. Until later :)>

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Pradeep Pandurangi said...

Hilarious incident and nicely written MG. I remember you narrating this when in college. Had a good laugh reading this :)