Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nibu and the Alphabets

This is and excerpt from my good friend's mail about the rest of the gang, fondly called the alphabets.

u know u re MG when u think ur blog is awesome.
u know u re ND when ppl cant understand the words in your blog.
u know u re TK when u say .. blog ?? i just started using FB.

u know u re MG when u think only u supported spain and so they won.
u know u re ND when u support spain but change just to bug MG
u know u re TK when u say Damn paul..!!

u know u re MG when u say things like 'i am d MAN macha'
u know u re ND when u answer in response to MG.. 'Ghanta!!'
u know u re TK when u say to yourself- these guys are really sad buggers!

u know u re MG when u get nostalgic about college
u know u re ND when u say' i am going back to college suckers!'
u know u re TK when u say college??.i dont remember much of
college..just some .. ahem!

u know u re MG when u say here i come chennai!
u know u re ND when u say here i come hyderabad
u know u re TK when u say here i come arizona,which is close to vegas so yay !

u know u re MG when u say Swift is a smooth ride
u know u re ND when u say .. Damn child Lock!
u know u re TK when u sit at d back and have fun watching d duo above

u know u re MG when u think u deserved d best prefect award
u know u re ND when u won everything but d best prefect award
u know u re TK when u say .. ha ha i won d best prefect award suckers!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Pandavas, Karna and A

Hi everyone, it has been a long time. Firstly an update about yours truly, I have now been working in Tirunelveli for almost a year and will be moving to Chennai by the end of this month. Really looking forward to that. I have finally done something useful for my folks, I bought a Ford Figo for them as their 25th Anniversary gift. Love you Mom & Dad.

Now getting back to this blog, which is inspired by the so called gang V5 (who would call themselves this? Seriously!) and their theatricals. This so called V5 went for Kannada tuition's (would say that our school lacked good teachers) and the incident I'm going to narrate in the next few paragraphs is from one of the tuition classes.

V5 went to this kannada tuitions which was run by an over entusiatic old lady. She was so impressed by the 5 of us that she called us Pancha Pandavas (god!!! the amount of jealousy and hatred among us would have made us mortal enemies, this made me conclude that the lady was crazy). After a few days one more classmate of ours joined the tuitions but we were so against it that we asked her to change timings for him. He ensured that he was taught by her daughter and not her as she couldn't accomodate the timings (seriously!!! we were ruthless people). Since, he defected she came up with a name for him and started calling him Karna. Now that the family connections are established, lets continue with the incident.

To get the characters right, yours truly was Arjuna (yup! always the hero and immodest ). Now we'll get to the rest.
Yudhisthira's identity will not be divulged as he is the lead protoganist.
Gundi was Bheema, very apt when you consider the physical structures.
Nakula and Sahadeva were two inseperables imbeciles, fondly remebered by alphabets G and M.
Karna was the tallest guy in school.
A was the not so girl next door (she wasn't stunning to make our heads turn).

Everyday the pandavas used to go together to the tuitions. one fine day the timing was miscommunicated and Yudhisthira found himself alone in the class, that is when A entered. This was the first time Yudhisthira was seeing her alone for the first time and his focus was completelty on her. Wow! these were his exact words. He was totally bewitched by her. Standing at 5' 2" she was close to the length of an average indian female. Size zero was not known then and it was the time when indians were enchanted by the thunder thighs (some prime examples are Rambha, Shakeela, Khushbu etc) and heavy bust (Sorry! to the girls who are offended, guys I know what you are thinking about) but A was a size zero in those days. Yudhisthira just couldn't take his eyes off A and spent two unforgettable hours in her company. This was certainly looking like a start of something.

Enter Arjuna and Bheema (Bheema was using his dad's chariot, a red Kinetic Honda and Arjuna hitched a ride) they were surprised to see that Yudhisthira who hardly spoke to girls was in deep conversation with A. Both of them just sat down at the table and were all ears to the conversation Yudhisthira was making. Right from, you are looking nice to academic discussions. She was talking about her problems with Math and our pal here was the hero to the rescue suggesting combined studies to help her. In the meanwhile the rest of the gang joined us (including Karna as we had to just copy the notes) and we were just waiting for the right moment to pounce on Yudhisthira.

The time came when A bid goodbye (to Yudhisthira only, we were non existing entities to A) once this happened, the interrogation started. Yudhithira said everything I have mentioned above excluding the lovey-dovey parts. This is when the idea struck us and being over-enthusisatic encouraged Yudhisthira to express his love for her (how easy would it be if you can just say 'Feel My Love'). Unfortunately, life is not that simple and Yudhisthira being the wise guy that he is refused it and said that it was too immature to behave this way. But we didn't think so and Nakula along with me on his chariot (a white 1st generation scooty) pursued A, we caught her halfway and ensued the following conversation (Arjuna was just the spectator)

Nakula- Hi A.Going back home is it?
A- Hi Nakula, yeah just getting back home. How about you?
Nakula- Yeah I will be going back home in a while. A can I have your phone number?
A- Why do you want my number Nakula?
Nakula- Actually, one of my friends wants it so I asked.
A- (probably the only girl in my life who didn't fuss about when giving the number) Okie. My number is 2536---- (duly noted by Arjuna on his palm).
Nakula- Thanks A. See you around.

Now that the tough part was done (obviously getting the number is tough, convincing the guy to make the call was easy). But when we got back Yudhisthira was shocked that we got the number. An hour of discussion unfolded with the rest of the family trying to convince Yudhisthira to place the call. He even refused to note down the number (though we were sure his memory was good enough to remember it). So, the scene ended with Yudhisthira refusing to take our suggestion and leaving the place.

What's the big deal you may ask, but here is the twist. Being the overzealous family members (might as well say that when we were dubbed as the Pandavas) we decided to place the call on behalf of Yudhisthira (Nakula was the brain behind the idea). Now that we had decided to make the call, we quickly went to an STD booth (devious isn't it?), Bheema and Sahadeva backed out of the implementation plans and it was left to Nakula, Arjuna and Karna (Arjuna and Karna working together, quite a dream isn't it?). All the three of us stuffed into the booth and Nakula placed the call. The following conversation ensued over the phone.

Tring Tring, Tring Tring, Tring Tring.....

Unknown- Hello
Nakula- Hello! Can I speak to A? (A hanky was used to cover the mouth of the receiver, Influence of movies I say)
Unknown- Who is this?
Nakula- This is Yudhisthira, A's friend from the tuition.
Unknown- Hold the line please. (in the background, "A, A, your friend is on the line")
A- Hello!
Nakula- Hi A, this is Yudhisthira.
A- Hi Yudhi (we really hoped that the conversation would be like this for our brother's sake, unfortunately no) how come you called?
Nakula- Hi A, I just wanted to tell you something. Eh, eh, eh....
A- Tell me Yudhisthira.
Nakula- A I think I like you (Seriously! Who says such things as "I think---". Major turn of guys, believe me, this is like a death knell for your love).
A- Oh! (obvious shock and disbelief) But Yudhisthira, I am seeing someone already (All three ROFL with the phone on manual mute)
Nakula- Oh okie. Thank you A. Bye.
Line goes dead at the other end.

The three of us come out dejected, pretty sure the feeling was not too bad. We all decided that we will not tell Yudhisthira about this as it could spoil his studies (Devdas and other movies have had bad influence on us, we assumed the worst, seriously didn't realise we were this ridiculous). We parted our way and headed home. Once I reached home I was informed that I got a call from Yudhisthira. I called him back immediately.

Arjuna- Hi Yudhi, you called?
Yudhi- Macha! what happened did you actually call?
Arjuna- (remembering the vow) No we didn't make any call.
Yudhi- Don't lie macha, Nakula volarified (slang for blabbered) already. Sigh! (tears in his eyes)
Arjuna- Machi, don't cry da. You will find someone more worthy of you (this is the single most BS dialogue all girls tell guys and all friends tell their friends to make them feel better).
Yudhi- Yeah, I know. I told you guys not to call. I would have called her myself.
Arjuna- (This is where guilt hit me and make my stomach squirm) Oh! You should have told us. Anyway it was good that you didn't hear this from A (another BS when you mess things us badly, I would have shot the guys if I was in Yudhi's place).
Yudhi- Anyway lets catch up later. Bye.
Arjuna- Sorry Macha! Don't cry.
Yudhi- You don't understand the pain the heart goes through when it is broken.
Arjuna- (Really! Dude don't be so lame) Yeah I know. Sorry anyway.

He he. I can't stop laughing reliving this incident. I know some people might think we were ridiculous, but what do you expect when you are 13? Anyway it wasn't as serious as I made it look. Yudhi wasn't heart broken at all. He was affected nonetheless but not to the extent of my interpretation. Hope you had fun laughing, I did writing this. Until later :)>

Monday, September 22, 2008

An Unforgettable Night

What I am writing now might sound unbelievable to some of you but this is a true story. Right out of Ian Fleming’s novel. Now you all must be wondering what all this is about. Let’s not delay anymore and get to the story.

Lights, camera and action (wanted to say such things for a long time now). Since my last heartbreak (another girl rejected me) I have decided not to talk much to girls. It is difficult to be just friends with a girl, at some point of time in your friendship the heart will intervene. From the girl’s point of view you are just a friend but from your side she is more than a friend. That is when the problem starts. Why can’t a girl and a guy be just friends? Well it wouldn’t be human if that happened. Anyways, coming back to the story, these days I don’t have many friends, because of this I have become very lonely. Whenever I feel lonely I go on a long drive (looking for some vehicle to show me the way to heaven), since driving is my passion I enjoy doing that.

It was one such day and I decided to go to the Coffee Day on Mysore road (the only place open 24 hrs). It was 11 in the night when I got onto the City market flyover, I turned on some music (as usual Minnale songs, I love this movie) and opened the throttle. In no time I touched 140 kmph (it’s a breeze when you are behind the wheel of a Swift). I was overtaking one vehicle after another, the songs were playing louder and I was going faster. Suddenly something unusual happened, a car overtook me (unusual because I drive really well and overtaking me is next to impossible). I didn’t notice which car it was but it was very fast (the driver and the car had to be good). I was impressed, very impressed, so I decided to salute the driver. I opened the throttle completely again and let my car fly. In no time I was near the other car. It was a green color Chevy Spark. I was impressed by the power of the car and the driver. But I was shocked to see that it was a lady behind the wheel!!!!!!!!! (Okie!!!!!!! I know some of the girls must be thinking that I am a MCP but I am not one!!!!!). I was pleasantly surprised, I looked at her and honked so that I could salute her; she shook her head to move the hair covering her face and I don’t know what hit me (how many times does this happen? Don’t I learn from my mistakes? Apparently I don’tJ). I thought I saw an angel, an angel god sent for me to overcome the disappointments in life. I was hit by a thunderbolt (like they say in Godfather). I was mesmerized by her beauty, she made some signs and asked why I honked but I didn’t react at all. I was like a statue (this is an experience of a lifetime). I wanted to impress her but didn’t know how, suddenly I was back to my senses, and I looked at her again and made a sign to suggest a RACE (zindagi ka race for me).
I was surprised that she was upto it. We stopped the cars at the next signal and got off. I wanted to give her a cool guy impression, so I got off the car and carried a carefree attitude. I went towards her and put my hand forward, ‘name is Sandeep, close friends call me MG’ (not because I stay on MG road). She shook my hand and said that her name was Priya (what a lovely name.. The name is enough to bowl you over). So I told her that we would race till we reached Coffee Day which was 30kms away and the loser should buy the winner a coffee (Either ways it would make my day). Surprisingly, she agreed to the bet. Now let me tell you people about myself, I am 6ft tall with a medium build, I have a stubble which gives me the rugged look and I have the eyes which can floor any girl (OMG!!!!! I am sure one friend of mine is going to disown me, think most of the readers know her). So actually I’ve got the looks which can make any girl fall in my arms (but unfortunately I choose the wrong girls which lead to the heartbreaks).

So coming back to the story, both of us got into the car and the moment the signal turned green both of us were flying. I wanted to impress her and played catch up, I was driving by the side of her car and was looking at her. She looked very beautiful with that serious look on her face. She turned towards me and I gave a sarcastic smile, she fumed and floored the accelerator, and she was off again. I still preferred to play catch up and was driving along side her car. She looked at me and smiled, I just shook my head. She got angry and took off again. This time it was difficult to catch her, as I was approaching her car, another vehicle came in the way, I had to slow down and let her go by. By now I had enough of catch up. I kissed my car and just opened the throttle; I was off in a flash and touched 160kmph in just 40 seconds. I was flying but so was she. It was getting harder to pass her. We were approaching a curve and I made a brave move by overtaking her on the outside of the curve. I passed her and then let her catch me, I was show boating now. We were approaching the coffee day and something incredible happened. It was like she was toying with me. All of a sudden her car took off and she was disappearing. I had to react fast; I put the car in 4th gear and started accelerating. We were 200 meters away from coffee day and I pulled level. I had the power to pass her; I looked at her face and saw that determination to win. She looked like someone very competitive and she would be very disappointed if she lost. As we neared the finish line, with 10 meters to go I took my leg off the throttle. She won the race. She was ecstatic and overjoyed.

After the race, we sat down at the table and had a long chat over coffee. We were just enquiring about each other. Finally when we were about to leave I popped the question to her. She saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddddddd ‘wake up you idiot!!!!!!!!!’ I was surprised by the change in her tone. I looked around and the voice was getting louder. The next thing I remember is that I am sitting on my bed. My mom was chattering away about me getting up late. I was in a daze, quite frustrated with my mom because I didn’t get an answer from that girl. I looked at the god photo in my room and was wondering why he was toying with me. It's cruel not to let me finish this wonderful dream. I didn't think anything more, just got off the bed and started getting ready. Normal service resumed after all.

Isn’t it cruel to dream about such things? How I wish it was true. It was truly “An Unforgettable Night”.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Love Affair with RED continues.......................

Well after a long hiatus from the blogging world, I am back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This blog is about my favorite color and how it has always been a part of my life......

So many eventful things have happened in my life since the last blog ( right out of a story book I'd say). Lets start off with some belated news ( it's been quite sometime since this happened that's why belated). IBM did it yet again!!!!! Even though our dates got postponed twice, we were all eagerly waiting to be a part of BIG BLUE ( not big anymore with the number of people getting the pink slip every moneth) but just as things looked rosy IBM gate crashed the party. They postponed the joining dates of many students and this time it was for 6 months.

I still can't forget the day I got to know that the dates were getting postponed. I had just come out of FUN Cinemas after watching DUS KAHANIYAAN ( our story easily qualifies to be one among the ten stories) and I get a call from one of my friend who is an enthu-cutlet ( she used to check the IBM forum on orkut and tell stories about it everyday. No offense if she is reading this blog) that IBM has postponed joining dates and ours could also have been postponed. The first thing i did was to check my mail and breathe a sigh of relief ( cause i didn't get any mails about the postponement).

Well there is nothing great so far right????? The events that followed were nerve racking.....

I should have peacefully slept after knowing that the joining dates have not been postponed but i seldom do the right things ( I went partying with my friends because of which some unforeseen events took place). My friend called me up and told me about the job fair and that she would be going there and if i wanted to go there. As usual i started off telling that our dates won't get postponed and that i won't come and that's when my friend scared me about the possibilities of our dates getting postponed and that we would be jobless for the next six months. That's when I panicked. I thought that my date of joining would be postponed and started hunting for a job in the middle of the night ( must be wondering how i did that right??? I asked my freinds to refer me in their companies, that's how i did it ;)).

The job fair was an event to behold. So many people were there looking for jobs and the smile everyone flashed when their resume was accepted just made me wonder if getting a job was really that difficult. Maybe it was destiny that I had to experience this. Just at that time i got a call from my friend about an opening in a start up company. I made a call to the CEO and fixed up a meeting.

I was never really good at technical stuff. Managing people and relationships has always been my strong point. So this job was apt for a person like me. This job interview ( to put it formally) was very informal cause I went in casuals. I was wearing a t-shirt and cargos which wouldn't augur well with anyone. Things fell in place and i was very impressed with my job profile but i still wasn't sure about what i should do. I called my best friend and her initial suggestion was that i should take up the job. So after pondering for few days i went to Hyderabad to experience the job. It was good fun infact cause it gave me an opportunity to meet some of my friends. After few days of getting to understand the job profile i decided to take the job. Well everything seems good till now right? It wasn't all that good. My folks as usual had a problem with what i wanted to do. After a lot of hullaballoo i decided to join this new company. The date of joining was the same as that of IBM. I was only person among my friends who wanted to join IBM despite the delay in joining, even when others were looking for a job i didn't do any such thing but destiny had it that i won't join IBM. The people who didn't want to join IBM joined whereas the only guy who wanted to join didn't join.

Well well you must be thinking what's the title got to do with all this right???
Red is my favorite colour and has been attached to me since my childhood in one way or the other. Now what has all this got to do with my work??? The company i joined is an online bus ticketing company called redBus :).

Monday, December 3, 2007

As good as it gets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excuse me for the long absence from the blogging world.... The primary reasons for it are...

1) Since IBM postponed my date of joining i started doing internship(which was a stupid mistake as i neither work nor sleep....So this break is being wasted)

2)Nothing interesting happening in my life( don't wanna bore you people with regular stuff)

Now lets start off with some interesting news....firstly i got a SWIFT( as usual red colour)....

The day i got the car will be etched in my memory forever because of two reasons...

Firstly i got a faulty car which stopped after 5kms and i had to push the car( which was embarrassing considering that it stopped on airport road at the signal. How annoying.... The passer by must have thought that i didn't know how to drive the car). The mechanic turned up and changed the battery and the car took off again.... Unfortunately the car stopped yet again and this time in Cambridge layout( how embarrassing can it get?????) I thought this would be enough to carve the incident in my memory...Poor me!!!!! there were some more memorable incidents that followed.....

After a great deal of fighting, the sales manager agreed to replace the car..... It took a week to get the car, this time when i took the car everything went smoothly until i reached the TRAFFIC GANAPATHI temple( it's the temple on kasturba road, even i didn't know that the temple was known by this name)... I left my shoes at the entrance under my mom's surveillance to call the pujari( who was an angry old man)...It took some time to convince the pujari to do the puja since he got very pissed with my attitude( dunno what i did to offend him).... Coming out of the temple there was a lot of commotion near the entrance and i could see my parents in the midst of it...I did realize something went wrong and suddenly a thought struck me saying that my shoes must have gone missing( guess my sixth sense is very strong). there you have it, my shoes went missing right in front of my mom.... I was shell shocked but there was nothing i could do. That moron who stole my shoes left his rubber slippers behind( Guess he left them to console me. Seriously!!!!!!!!!!! Such things happen only with me)... Anyways a very bad outing and these things made sure that i wouldn't forget the day i got my first car......

well you guys must be thinking what's the big deal????? But the movie is not over yet...... Abhi Picture Bhaki hai ( i wanted to tell this dialogue since the day i watched OSO)...

Everyone gets excited when they get a new vehicle and it wasn't any different for me, apart from the fact that i was a little too excited. With a great deal of fighting and shouting at home, i somehow managed to get permission to go on a trip in the new car. So my friends and i took off (vvvvvvvvrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm). Mysore was the first choice because we wanted to visit the Infosys campus and since our very good friend was still there we decided to hit the road. The trip was mind blowing not only because of the fact that i was driving my car and experienced the high of my life but also due to the fact that we went to Gopalaswamy Betta, an aesthetic place. You should visit that place to know how it felt to be there. Wait a second!!!!!!!!! Didn't i say there is another bad incident??? Then why am i rambling about the trip???? Well lets get to the point. The day i got back from Mysore, two more pair of shoes got stolen from my place (A thousand curses to the guy who stole my shoes). Now isn't this as good as it gets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Last weekend was one of the best in recent times.......

Watched chak de india on Friday(thanks to my frens who are srk fans)and Simpson's on Saturday.

Firstly, lets talk about chak de.
Brilliant movie ( the title song seems to have lifted the spirits of the Indian cricket team, which was on the verge of losing the first test ended up winning the test series)

The movie is different from the other Indian sport movies (notably LAGAAN and IQBAL) since it's not based on cricket....

It clearly portrays how cricket is given so much preference over other sports... It also shows how sportswomen are not encouraged in our country... Another important aspect of the movie that i liked was the way they showed how sportsmen are treated after winning and losing... I hope the movie enlightens at least some of the people and that they should refrain from behaving like hooligans.....
The movie resembles the Hollywood flick "mighty ducks" which is based on ice hockey...

secondly, Simpsons......
(can't think of any other way to describe it )

I didn't want to watch this movie at all... My friends dragged me along to the theatre ( paid 210 for the ticket :( ) In the end, i enjoyed it a lot more than i thought i would.... Two hours of non stop entertainment... A must watch for people who love comedy flicks....

It was very difficult to choose the better movie among the two and since i like comedy flicks a lot more than the serious movies, my vote goes to The Simpsons. Congratulations to the makers of Simpsons (the longest standing show in American history, 20 years and counting)....

Now lets get to some insane things I've done during this week....
i went to Mysore (u must be thinking what's insane in this) alone on my bike(does sound like a foolish thing to do right???). Met with an accident on the highway (had to happen despite my visions about such things i decided to take my bike).

Luckily, my bike and I survived (some people would wish the opposite had happened)... Just a hairline fracture to my ribs and bruises to my knee.. No broken bones (thankfully, otherwise I'd have been grounded forever).....

Anyways apart from this minor glitch the trip was awesome....Met my friends who are working in infy(the campus is one helluva place)... Unfortunately we were not allowed into the campus... went to planet x in Mysore where we bowled and went karting....

The journey back home was the tricky one... Visibility is very poor in the nights, quite a few cars keep darting past you at super high speeds and a lot of people keep running across the roads (dunno if they are playing a game of some kind, every now and then some idiot runs across the road). In spite of all these problems the journey back to Bangalore took less than three hours.... Nonetheless a memorable trip with all the thrills and spills..... Until next time, adios amigos (hope I've got this right).....

Monday, August 6, 2007

Seriously!!!!!!! Tell me this isn't happening..............

I came up with this insanely ridiculous idea of being a blogger (i hope the term is right). Writing my first post is making me think otherwise.

Isn't there anything else that i cud have thought of??????
Why blogging of all the things ( i swear it's a dreadful idea when u know that there are quite a few people waiting for an opportunity like this to go for the kill)????????

It all started on that dreadful evening when i met up with two of closest friends(recipe for disaster I say, they end up suggesting the wrong things all the time).... As usual we were having a good laugh about some of the stupid things we've done..... All of a sudden Mr X said that i should try blogging and Mr Y seconded his opinion... As their suggestions always gets me into trouble i decided against it.... Unfortunately destiny had other plans.... A series of incidents shook my happy world...

Firstly I finished engineering (Yippee!!!!!!! I survived four years of torture dished out by my univ)...
Had to leave college :(. So no more hanging out with friends....
Then my friends joined their respective companies, some left town and the rest are very busy with work....
So everyone is busy except for yours truly.....

why is that?????

Wait a minute..... Isn't it strange....
What am i doing when others are busy with work???
Well!!!! You are right......

I am jobless at the moment..... I will be jobless for another couple of months, cause my company decided that i should be one among the privileged lot to have an extended break (but that doesn't mean i should be doing something which can get me into a lot of trouble).... That is why i thought i should start posting blogs....

Despite being jobless i shouldn't be doing this. The reasons are.....

Firstly, i don't think i am capable of doing this (I'm sure this is a valid reason)......

Secondly, i might end up writing about highly confidential matter(Oh boy that's asking for trouble)...

Thirdly, why do it when other people are doing it and keeping u entertained....

In spite of all these things i decided that i should give it a shot and here i am writing my first blog.....

By now u must be thinking that it was an idiotic idea to read my blogs.... Well I'll not blame u for that...
It is my first blog isn't it?????? It's bound to get better.....

So just lookout for updates(if this one turns out to be reasonably good)..... I promise the ones after this will be entertaining....