Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Love Affair with RED continues.......................

Well after a long hiatus from the blogging world, I am back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This blog is about my favorite color and how it has always been a part of my life......

So many eventful things have happened in my life since the last blog ( right out of a story book I'd say). Lets start off with some belated news ( it's been quite sometime since this happened that's why belated). IBM did it yet again!!!!! Even though our dates got postponed twice, we were all eagerly waiting to be a part of BIG BLUE ( not big anymore with the number of people getting the pink slip every moneth) but just as things looked rosy IBM gate crashed the party. They postponed the joining dates of many students and this time it was for 6 months.

I still can't forget the day I got to know that the dates were getting postponed. I had just come out of FUN Cinemas after watching DUS KAHANIYAAN ( our story easily qualifies to be one among the ten stories) and I get a call from one of my friend who is an enthu-cutlet ( she used to check the IBM forum on orkut and tell stories about it everyday. No offense if she is reading this blog) that IBM has postponed joining dates and ours could also have been postponed. The first thing i did was to check my mail and breathe a sigh of relief ( cause i didn't get any mails about the postponement).

Well there is nothing great so far right????? The events that followed were nerve racking.....

I should have peacefully slept after knowing that the joining dates have not been postponed but i seldom do the right things ( I went partying with my friends because of which some unforeseen events took place). My friend called me up and told me about the job fair and that she would be going there and if i wanted to go there. As usual i started off telling that our dates won't get postponed and that i won't come and that's when my friend scared me about the possibilities of our dates getting postponed and that we would be jobless for the next six months. That's when I panicked. I thought that my date of joining would be postponed and started hunting for a job in the middle of the night ( must be wondering how i did that right??? I asked my freinds to refer me in their companies, that's how i did it ;)).

The job fair was an event to behold. So many people were there looking for jobs and the smile everyone flashed when their resume was accepted just made me wonder if getting a job was really that difficult. Maybe it was destiny that I had to experience this. Just at that time i got a call from my friend about an opening in a start up company. I made a call to the CEO and fixed up a meeting.

I was never really good at technical stuff. Managing people and relationships has always been my strong point. So this job was apt for a person like me. This job interview ( to put it formally) was very informal cause I went in casuals. I was wearing a t-shirt and cargos which wouldn't augur well with anyone. Things fell in place and i was very impressed with my job profile but i still wasn't sure about what i should do. I called my best friend and her initial suggestion was that i should take up the job. So after pondering for few days i went to Hyderabad to experience the job. It was good fun infact cause it gave me an opportunity to meet some of my friends. After few days of getting to understand the job profile i decided to take the job. Well everything seems good till now right? It wasn't all that good. My folks as usual had a problem with what i wanted to do. After a lot of hullaballoo i decided to join this new company. The date of joining was the same as that of IBM. I was only person among my friends who wanted to join IBM despite the delay in joining, even when others were looking for a job i didn't do any such thing but destiny had it that i won't join IBM. The people who didn't want to join IBM joined whereas the only guy who wanted to join didn't join.

Well well you must be thinking what's the title got to do with all this right???
Red is my favorite colour and has been attached to me since my childhood in one way or the other. Now what has all this got to do with my work??? The company i joined is an online bus ticketing company called redBus :).

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corporate soldier said...

if i was an editor i would have red inked most of it. considering its a blog i can do no such thing, so cheers. machi why not become brand ambassador for eveready? give him red.