Monday, September 22, 2008

An Unforgettable Night

What I am writing now might sound unbelievable to some of you but this is a true story. Right out of Ian Fleming’s novel. Now you all must be wondering what all this is about. Let’s not delay anymore and get to the story.

Lights, camera and action (wanted to say such things for a long time now). Since my last heartbreak (another girl rejected me) I have decided not to talk much to girls. It is difficult to be just friends with a girl, at some point of time in your friendship the heart will intervene. From the girl’s point of view you are just a friend but from your side she is more than a friend. That is when the problem starts. Why can’t a girl and a guy be just friends? Well it wouldn’t be human if that happened. Anyways, coming back to the story, these days I don’t have many friends, because of this I have become very lonely. Whenever I feel lonely I go on a long drive (looking for some vehicle to show me the way to heaven), since driving is my passion I enjoy doing that.

It was one such day and I decided to go to the Coffee Day on Mysore road (the only place open 24 hrs). It was 11 in the night when I got onto the City market flyover, I turned on some music (as usual Minnale songs, I love this movie) and opened the throttle. In no time I touched 140 kmph (it’s a breeze when you are behind the wheel of a Swift). I was overtaking one vehicle after another, the songs were playing louder and I was going faster. Suddenly something unusual happened, a car overtook me (unusual because I drive really well and overtaking me is next to impossible). I didn’t notice which car it was but it was very fast (the driver and the car had to be good). I was impressed, very impressed, so I decided to salute the driver. I opened the throttle completely again and let my car fly. In no time I was near the other car. It was a green color Chevy Spark. I was impressed by the power of the car and the driver. But I was shocked to see that it was a lady behind the wheel!!!!!!!!! (Okie!!!!!!! I know some of the girls must be thinking that I am a MCP but I am not one!!!!!). I was pleasantly surprised, I looked at her and honked so that I could salute her; she shook her head to move the hair covering her face and I don’t know what hit me (how many times does this happen? Don’t I learn from my mistakes? Apparently I don’tJ). I thought I saw an angel, an angel god sent for me to overcome the disappointments in life. I was hit by a thunderbolt (like they say in Godfather). I was mesmerized by her beauty, she made some signs and asked why I honked but I didn’t react at all. I was like a statue (this is an experience of a lifetime). I wanted to impress her but didn’t know how, suddenly I was back to my senses, and I looked at her again and made a sign to suggest a RACE (zindagi ka race for me).
I was surprised that she was upto it. We stopped the cars at the next signal and got off. I wanted to give her a cool guy impression, so I got off the car and carried a carefree attitude. I went towards her and put my hand forward, ‘name is Sandeep, close friends call me MG’ (not because I stay on MG road). She shook my hand and said that her name was Priya (what a lovely name.. The name is enough to bowl you over). So I told her that we would race till we reached Coffee Day which was 30kms away and the loser should buy the winner a coffee (Either ways it would make my day). Surprisingly, she agreed to the bet. Now let me tell you people about myself, I am 6ft tall with a medium build, I have a stubble which gives me the rugged look and I have the eyes which can floor any girl (OMG!!!!! I am sure one friend of mine is going to disown me, think most of the readers know her). So actually I’ve got the looks which can make any girl fall in my arms (but unfortunately I choose the wrong girls which lead to the heartbreaks).

So coming back to the story, both of us got into the car and the moment the signal turned green both of us were flying. I wanted to impress her and played catch up, I was driving by the side of her car and was looking at her. She looked very beautiful with that serious look on her face. She turned towards me and I gave a sarcastic smile, she fumed and floored the accelerator, and she was off again. I still preferred to play catch up and was driving along side her car. She looked at me and smiled, I just shook my head. She got angry and took off again. This time it was difficult to catch her, as I was approaching her car, another vehicle came in the way, I had to slow down and let her go by. By now I had enough of catch up. I kissed my car and just opened the throttle; I was off in a flash and touched 160kmph in just 40 seconds. I was flying but so was she. It was getting harder to pass her. We were approaching a curve and I made a brave move by overtaking her on the outside of the curve. I passed her and then let her catch me, I was show boating now. We were approaching the coffee day and something incredible happened. It was like she was toying with me. All of a sudden her car took off and she was disappearing. I had to react fast; I put the car in 4th gear and started accelerating. We were 200 meters away from coffee day and I pulled level. I had the power to pass her; I looked at her face and saw that determination to win. She looked like someone very competitive and she would be very disappointed if she lost. As we neared the finish line, with 10 meters to go I took my leg off the throttle. She won the race. She was ecstatic and overjoyed.

After the race, we sat down at the table and had a long chat over coffee. We were just enquiring about each other. Finally when we were about to leave I popped the question to her. She saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddddddd ‘wake up you idiot!!!!!!!!!’ I was surprised by the change in her tone. I looked around and the voice was getting louder. The next thing I remember is that I am sitting on my bed. My mom was chattering away about me getting up late. I was in a daze, quite frustrated with my mom because I didn’t get an answer from that girl. I looked at the god photo in my room and was wondering why he was toying with me. It's cruel not to let me finish this wonderful dream. I didn't think anything more, just got off the bed and started getting ready. Normal service resumed after all.

Isn’t it cruel to dream about such things? How I wish it was true. It was truly “An Unforgettable Night”.